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To this opinion there is hardly an exception, and we may even go
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"Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastric Ulcer/' Dr. E. J. Mitchell, Brodhead.
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in the case of the workers at the factories known to he liandling specially
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the fits began to appear at very short intervals so that
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not within the same curtilage, was vested in and repairable by the
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concerned. But mother's milk ;s absolutely sterile ; cow's
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I more successful of the two, and that it is um-ivalled
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village. The bottoms of the graves were much higher than the bases of the
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making the student an object of charity, and that of
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an anal fistula ; they were unexpectedly, as it were, re-
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probably to be explained in the same raanni-r. Nor is tissue
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egg in agar cooled to a temperature below that at which
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of any vices and attention to the systemic state must be
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have their cattle treated with the protective serum. Similar
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act directly reaction plays no significant istration of pituitrin, the writer says, when
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411. — Oibert. Les causes de la tievre typboide an Havre.
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in the uterus or (more commonly) from a living and growing twin, then it
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rare, is more conmion than has been supposed. It may be primary, although
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Besides the effects of the previously mentioned mechanical and direct influences
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lie upon his back, the discharge flows through the posterior nares into
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in the blood, but examination of the faeces, urine, and sputum was
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a-cef'a-lo-c&r'di-a). [Gr. a priv. -f «^^ head
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"dence, by J. J. Elwell, M.D., Member of the Cleveland Bar, New York
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Orange County Medical Society. On account of Dr. Rubleman's
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lytic treatment, and made a favorable prognosis, based
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Dr. Harris directed his remarks to inguinal hernia, and spoke of varieties
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the principle of selection ; this influence admitted, we would rather