year, upon this basis, will, therefore, be not less
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is attended with a'slight pricking sensation. Some patients have
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unto his fathers, leaving a record which will be long held in loving memory by
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II. The Peroneal Type. — This is a less common form of
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the tertian and the more complex fevers to which these types lead, have
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utes as she is observed in the ward and, according to the mother's
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mode possessed by any tissue in the body. It is the function
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sees punched-out ulcerations on removing the crusts.
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prevailing fever was intermitting aud remitting. The stranger lingered
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Metropolitan Poor Bill through Committee, and on the suavity
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hyperplasia, according to Biedl and Koenigstein, depends not on the duration of
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healthy granulations. Quite a considerable number of skilled operators
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out an earnest plea that this work be energetically
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/November 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 11 733
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ished to see how many difficulties of the pelvis are relieved by
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majority of the physicians of New York would "be glad to
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out to be well founded, that the cerebellum may exert a direct influence on a cer-
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cumulations of dust in corners and crevices. Corners are
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light; the pulse was very weak, but normal in frequency. The
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January, 1895). Douglas Hogg (Jour, de med. de Paris, Sep-
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Dr. V. P. Gibney stated that he had always used the
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the narcotics have lost their effect, and the pain which she suffers causes her
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the Wabash Railway Surgeons was held at St. Louis, Mo.,
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acid to the slough; in frequently syringing the mouth
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the effects of parasites with those of loco poisoning. The general
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middle ear and mastoid. The crystals are dissolved by
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physicians owe it as a duty to their patients to study care-
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not very loose ; at no time were they " pea-soupy." The
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sion that the College admitted the legality of the function
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(6) The effect of the temperature necessary for this purpose on bacteria.
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a Bordeaux journal, recording some cases of extirpation of
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