the worm has been called vermis cwurbitinus, or gourd worm. TbegeW'
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chial and laryngeal affections are unfavorably affected
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Dr. McLaughlin — It is within six minutes to 12 o'clock ; is it advisable that we should
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to start on the three or four articles referred to because as
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similar manner with equally good results ; in some cases an adrenalin
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9 They are seldom of the contused kind ; the impostor cannot, in reference to
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chromogenetic, blue colour at hilus of kidney -shaped colonies and peri-
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creased the general feeling of insecurity. One sign of the
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to a faint consequent on the feeble state of the heart, induced by the
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surface. Such a blow expends its force quickly and a rebound occurs
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the mild, or catarrhal; 2, the typical; 3, the inflammatory y or croupous; 4, the
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apparent origin and the ganglion, and encroached upon the pons Varolii
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intimately connected, and in the cut surface of the liver, the divisions of the
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. The eye tieatment of epileptics; a critical review
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Hair Microscopically Examined and Medico-legally Consid-
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following, Dr. Philemon Tracy, by appointment delivered a eulogy
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sition from the simple food and active life of the labourer, to
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this procedure is usually unnecessary provided that the cases are all
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of difficult attainment, because of the spasmodic obstruction which
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Fourteen minutes after death, temperature of the rectum still the same ; the temperature
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and\after dietary counsel. Geriatrics 27: No. 1, 121-126,
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trophy consequent upon obstruction, or difficulty in discharging