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of any vices and attention to the systemic state must be

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and abscess of the larynx. Paralysis of the throat muscles

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trustee of the State Hospital for the Treatment of In-

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and malt liquors. Where the disease has been acquired by such

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Dver-careful in his attempts to secure perfect cleanliness, and

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and has procured the facilities recognized as necessary for a college in

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The phenomenon is regarded as practically the same for the two

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The pain gradually diminished, and the paroxysms became less

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extraordinary results which Hildebrandt has met with in the treatment of

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The diagnosis was not difficult, although sometimes the disease

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Although there have been classics on the philosophy of travel,

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The conclusions of that discussion were, that the effect of the

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that the evidence that hypermetropia is a fundamental cause of chorea

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of penetrating gunshot wounds, particularly those involving the

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Mr. President and Gentlemen: — There is no pathic