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man, who boasted that he always got his milk pure, for that he

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Thus the arms may be restored and the lower limbs continue paralyzed,

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are really meeting this obligation to a remarkable degree. Should

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Mr. B. H. Herbert, of Uttoxeter, says (.January 23, 1872) :


bcrc is in it no trace "f (leeMi,i|„isin . ii'Lranic m.attor nor of volatile product of decomposition; hence it is entirely IVee from rancidity and from .all fatty

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Wannamaker, Edward J., Jr., Charlotte; Univ. of Pa., 1921 1924 1925

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■cleanliness, especially in regard to clothing. On the

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individual matters, with which no one has a right to

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human spinal cord might be an etiological factor in some varie-

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occurring in the ordinary way, inasmuch as it brings

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nose into this bag and hold it in place by a strap over the head,

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of the third lumbar vertebra, which is a trifle to the outer side

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site effwt, whidi counterpoises and compensates for the circulatory im-

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