ternal layer, but leaving the main body of the stone unmoved. I now took
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of a bone, which occurs independently of a traumatic force sufficient
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XX, 355-357.— Murphy (!<'. G.) Eye strain in eiiilepsy.
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Wasting, extensive, of type of facial hemiatrophy (H. Campbell,
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Finally, may I say that the chief problem which organized medi-
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tients would apply earlier, and that thus recourse to lithotomy would
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of a large area by the conditions conseiiuent on the l)lockingof the artery.
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First, If the period which has elapsed since the beginning of the
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sacrifice. Autocracy and freedom were hanging in the
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Weber, Agnew, Wecker and Landolt, Prince, and others.
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previous disease, supposed with more or less probability
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other, as they are in the adult, but are loosely attached by a
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tering it into several pieces. The bones of the thigh, the leg and
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The artificial means used to provoke nervous sleep are numerous (Cham-
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for the violent gaseous decomposition seen especially in samples
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val of the scurf from the tongue, the surface of which becomes
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wanting in stamina, and lacking in the manly quantities that are
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stage, and of the strabismus, affection of pupils, and other symptoms be-
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The worm preserved in alcohol is much coiled, of a clay colour, and opaque,
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more profound than that of Egypt, are the dissection of human
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structure, from haemorrhoidal tumors. Condylomata origi-
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ordered to stay in bed for a few days, and to apply a simple evaporating
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body other than those admitted in 1880 shall desire a representation in
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pointed out that ophthalmoscopic examination may be of great
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ance of the patient, which in other methods is a large
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live-stock, and either be abandoned or devoted to other cultures. A point
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tolerated." A man who dared to advocate such principles must
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quencies of light, especially the ultra-violet rates, have the
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Academy of Medicine called for Friday evening, the 27th