The attention of the meeting was especially directed to three

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a system which, our contemporary informs us, "renders

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Orleans two years. Labourer. Entered ward 12, on the 14th of August. Died

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safety. Had I trusted to anterior drainage the second hole in

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belly, because the normal intestines filled with air fluctuate in that

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act vigorously upon a single carbohydrate and no other. No one,

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on percussion in the subclavicular region might give rise to doubt, but this

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face and quite dead. On examining the body it was ascertained that the

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agreement in the cases in which medicinal measures were employed. The

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solid matter occupied by cysts of various sizes, and filled with

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was very delicate, and we had a great deal of trouble with him owing to his weak

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It is impossible to roll the rubber bag so tight that

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comparison of the experiments on necrotic and degenerated tissue.

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decay, saying : "'This dead falls into the infu-

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and hypnotic. After a brief period of excitement, both cold-blooded

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affection, whether seen by the unassisted eye or by means of the

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vic Haematocele. Chapters IV, VII. and VIII. cover 113, 138

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ment of cod-liver oil was at first used, but without marked im-

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ily followed by a fatal result. In other cases the alimen-

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typli us fever.] Chiugai Iji Sliinpo, Tokio, 1886, no. 145. —

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dition for several days, when the owner brought it to the New

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symptoms of rabies. Therefore must be deducted from

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The little lad of thirteen coming into Aberdeen to go to college

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next morning for so quiet and restful a night — evi-

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and are very apt to produce constipation and loss of ap-

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with a swelling over the lower jaw, on the left side, which

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fibrin, a great part of which had undergone degeneration, apparently of

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Species.— F. bancrofti Cobbold 1877, F. perstans Manson 1891,

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" 44 Jones, Investigations on the Solids and Fluids of Animals. [July

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Case 194. — Operator, Amlson, 1894. Lumbar region ; duration,