Horse will seem stiff when traveling, his belly becomes x^xj
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them obtain an entire change of air. To others I give a
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of a vaccinated heifer, collected after the virulent period — i.e., ten to fifty
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also, the head is drawn up under the acromion, and is prominent in front, while
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of the brain was no more than what could be said with respect
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of muscle segments receives its own nerves, so that the ar-
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Dr. T. C. Evans: Tobacco and alcoholic amblyopia afford a striking
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the highctt percussion-note is given about the middle. Ni>
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son's theory of cholera was not in question at all.
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was present as a local cause in more than three-fifths of
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for duty at Jackson Barracks, La. S. O. 205, Division of
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edness and bliss ! At times we bring home clouds, and rocks, and water-
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the circulation becomes feeble; digestion impaired; the blood-
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markable example is that supplied by the cells which form the original linea-
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of mercury be used, a sufficient quantity must be added to give,
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been made out to support a grave accusation. The absence of
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to call your attention to the question of the remunera-
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objectionable, but the pricked cards which the children sew
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oughly revised and greatly enlarged, and will contain about
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the mortality. Taking Permin's and Fabre's series of 199 cases, the mortality is
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lar. Waldvogel 4 recently repeated these experiments with like re-
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tables; meat should ]jo given sparingly, and never when the
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Society, perhaps at the next Clinical evening. The bandage was on
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a community of adherent cells, but as a single entity, as a sojt of
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of London Ironworks formerly flourished, and upon this is going to be
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spinal fluid (which see). Diagnosis has been greatly facilitated by
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acute illness must be followed by special precautions, as these children
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opposite side, in the region of the arm-center. I trephined
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1898,vii,414.— Chisolin (.J.O .) Making of both lids to the
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The establishment of the canteen system in the light of the
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imagine the presence of the ovura within it, but s'.ich a possibility being