mortality is one of serious and alarming import. The paper from which
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The temporo-facial branch divides into the temporal, malar, and
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neMnres to maintain the muscular tone and vigor of the lieart are indi-
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in abundance gushed out under considerable tension.
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mic and emaciated girl. Beginning about three or four
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lateral, but that the hemisphere of each side takes part in innervating
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sion of tiiat country naturally look to the Association
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groat prevalence of that disease there. It is now believed that other
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spiration, so that there is no hinderance to the entrance of air. A gknoe
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1869 h. — Filarien in einem Flechten-Geschwiir beim Hunde. [Abstract of
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seed, and frequently surrounded by a red areola, and
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that about twenty-six per cent, of the inhabitants had
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land to those of the rest of the United States, to unite
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of cancerous origin, tend to grow larger. They gen-
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Conference could only be viewed as a success by those
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undetermined whether the action of the poison is upon
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monia which our statistics show needs a word of explanation.
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lumen of the canal is almost closed by the distention of the epithelial
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aspirations for the advance of preventive medicine and
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it was found that the absorption of the protein of good wheat
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of the disease, but is not one of the cardinal symptoms. Frequently
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original opening, which is now girt round with adhe- reviews
child from the breast, because of tenderness of the nipples, insufficient sup-
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suspected the maggots to be the progeny of these flies. In
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them all tabulated together. We feel the shortcomings
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The Third Act of Digestion. — This is begun when the
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But the hospital’s case differs from the doctor’s
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early obstructive conditions the same without constitu-
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5. Women playing an occasional game of tennis, but other-
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of the law of the interdependence of all systemic func-
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^?teel is not often admissible in any stage of this disease. An