Whenever the blood-pressure increases in the area of the efferent

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the condition. This was about the last of .July, 1892,

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greatly enlarged, and its cavities, laid open, disclosed an excessive hyper-

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In his summary view of the phenomena, which, as far as

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tion, University of Texas, Lubbock, B.S., 1976. Medical

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institutiiin. To these he has added Ilebra's magnificent plates,

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was present for a long time in the urine of an old paranoiac,

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A palpable tumor. In children the onset is often sudden even

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might as Will ]iioclaiiu at once that they controversy with the Editor of the

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precipitation of two colloidal systems (viz. pseudo-globulin solution and

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difference between the second decade and the seventh is

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to their fullest functional capacity, is disturbed by any interference with

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Individual predisposition to contract the disease seems to be increased

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surgery in order to fully appreciate the findings disclosed by the

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yond the scope of notable exhalations, animal or vegetable, such as are

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by Billard. These and other French writers regard the latter as a special

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anticipated. That albumin may be detected in the urine

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3. The dose must be taken one hour and a half be/ore

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• I am indebted to Dr. Russell for an opportunity of seeing the

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its administration ; ^J^ to yi^ grain of the hydrobromide, given

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sometimes attributable to the decomposition of ingested aliment, owing

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Boston Medical and Suboicai. Journals, February 18,

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Case VI.— Stenographer, aged twenty-eight years, who believed

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and the Potter case can be included, both of which,

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tent. Almost without exception this was located in mus are most constantly attended hy the develop-

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