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are occasionally reported where the fever continues seven or eight days.
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subject of a paper by Dr. D. Todd Gilliam, of Colum-
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rows, and pass through the draught passage D into a
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The facility of correspondence throughout the State, its advantages in an
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the dressing next to the wound. The color was gener-
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The various parts of this book have previously been is-
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These facts enable us to class them so that we can rewrite our laws
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on his legs to the knees, and also invaded the hands
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the external carotid, or better, the common carotid, may be com-
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pitting on pressure and disappearing in the course of a
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and marrow spaces, with absorption and necrosis of bone.
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for an additional 1 per cent might have produced the same toxic
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exertion evinced by the lower class of women shortly after childbirth. Dr.
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In most cases other methods of examination must be resorted to in
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example, Straton, a distinguished disciple of this master,
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trained assistants, it has a teaching body and clinical ma-
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munications in regard to editorial work should be addressed to the Editor.
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organization of an International Congress of Surgeons
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ning and during its progress, and what indications they show
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ine walls. Clinical experience, be thinks, will sustain the old
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(in Holmes's Surgery'), Bryant, and probably all the standard authors of our
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accidents, and more than one death, have already, and
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silver and gold in his house, said to him after a pause : " Well, Mr. Hume, what
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mia; est.azione. Coudotta chir. e osp. di S. Cristofano in
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ette, Alabama; Clinical Assistant Professor, College
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knowledge of the Emperor's position has aroused her mental
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The same laws govern the spontaneous nystagmus of labyrin-
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(CaClCaClOa), which is its active disinfecting principle. It also con-
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tality always considerable (from forty to fifty per
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that these vessels empty themselves into numerous veins, ergo,
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the pustules, which all have a disposition to do, owing
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tum, and, being guided by the condition of the child's pulse
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invariably absent, and that the peptic strength of the
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7 " OnDimini^iiiig the Danger of Corneal Suppuration in the Ex-