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edge ; then we tap the patellar region as above described, with-
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discharge of this variety. Meanwhile the canal is occluded by
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1662. This state is marked by the following symptoms: pulse
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right side was more marked. The abdominal and cremasteric
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operation was suggested and consented to. Ether was the anesthetic selected.
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Type 1. — Rosettes and free forms common. The latter are very lon^ and
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intelligent and energetic way and stamp out all communicable and
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The sleeping-room selected must be as high as possible above the ground ;
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Est. Podophylhim, grs. xxiv. I Full dose, two Pill?, or one night and
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hand, a favorable progress may be predicated upon improvement as ^^
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secondary kind would be dealt with in this address.
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fluid ; the liver margin is one and a half fingers' breadth below the costal
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thorough aeration of houses where the fever had prevailed.
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mon forceps in the cavity of the pelvis. Considerable pelvic inflammation
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Foundation of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin in-
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bules, on which the appearance alluded to unquestionably
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Tri-State Medical Society of Iowa, Illinois, and Mis-
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from 10.5 to 20.5 per 10,000. The average carbon dioxid, 14.88, with the
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B-'ilhui ill ijicoliol. Wind the catgut on clean glass spools, soak in
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until it is raw, and put in a stitch and draw the edges of
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digitalis, too rapid a lowering of the serum potassium concentration can produce digitalis toxicity.
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however, uncertain. Almost all the cases have been discovered upon the
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Turneaure and Russell: "Public Water Supplies." Wiley & Sons,
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The external circumflex goes to the muscles on the front of the
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collateral cedema which always attends its presence, is very apt to induce at
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to, and oil is still used, though known to be useless since the days of
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formed so many operations in surgery, or who has exerted a greater pro*
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pregnancy was entirely masked by the existence of fibroid
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rized in a series of tables, in which it was shown by the
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