After five or six seconds, say, " All right, now show me." After
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renewal of the blood is required. This starvation of the minute
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the organism in health, but is derived from the direct study of disease, every
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Kicolson, David, C.B., M.D., Lord Chancellor's Visitor in Lunacy ; late Superintendent
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edematous. The debris of the desquamating epithelium, with
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analysis made in June or July, when it might have been somehow
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nine or ten. The treatment is continued until complete disappear-
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together with the remnants of epithelial cells, more or
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ment of Labour complicated by Ovarian Tumour." Dr. Woodman, "On
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Dr. Stokes dwelt on the subject of epidemics in Ireland, and
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value in the primary treatment of the serious wounds of the
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appetite becomes depraved : the patient not merely craving for aliments
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region. The swollen brain herniates into the opening and pre-
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lapse of several months, the phenyldrazine test, because of its extra-
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There are substantial costs associated with inconti-
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various mctliotarsal joints and liinL^cs, and the clastic
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the dose must be at once reduced or discontinued. It should also
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we find the affection most marked in certain localities possessing
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indication of it. He felt some hesitation in spending much more labour in
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it by exposure to strong winds bringing on bronchitis, or
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thirty-five years of age ; the symptoms were all well marked, the spasms
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succeeds in convincing some member of his family, or his dependents, of
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a collection of interesting experiences on the inaptitude of candidates who are
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are, 1, to open the bowels ; 2, to relieve pain and spasm ; 3, to
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In all of these patients we should investigate the causes of
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to it, as well as to all other pharmacopoeias. This blot
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of any other city; and here among the causes of death bilious fever plays
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anemia, a leukocyte count that may range from 10 to several
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part, namely, where the two kinds of vessels become
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under much less effort until the rupture has recuperated. The
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writer communicated with the Secretary of the New York
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large can become accustomed to such a slow pumping of the
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and a venous hum may be heard in the neck. There is general dilatation
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on the head, when he sank never to rise. Dr. Moore went on