tion children who, without obvious cause, such as absence or ill health,

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cerous, was proved by examination at the time of its removal, and

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put to bed and kept on milk diet. Two days later she

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between toVo ^^d -^ mg. of the solid substance. They have not found

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pated in this case before autopsy ; but of the stenosed colon, hour-

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present in the tissues, they may have been there as a secondary

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ment of certain fractures of the upper extremity, that usually

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had a fad. One doctor believes that he can cure typhoid with

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Management of high blowers. Use of the bearing rein. Tem-

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Join us. We are only what the doctors of this country want

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Liver;" "Cerebrospinal Meningitis;" "International Defense against Tu-

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44,600, so that the attack-rate was about 8 per cent. From official

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risk might be prevented, his employees might be hard to

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his abdominal muscles also stiffened and he began to

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physical diagnosis begins with palpation and proceeds with

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fatal, the shock to the cells of the cerebro-spinal axis

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striae; and their colour Varies in different shades of gray, yellowish, brown,

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the double tartrate of iron and potass, which he prefers for the following rea-

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the regular school readers, as far as they are used, are furnished by the

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pessimistic bit of humor with regard to drugs and their

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consolidation, the cure, if it is to be attained, can only be at-

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pervaded it, especially the invective on names honored all

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arteries and veins. Pare was the first to generalize the principle that

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lobe was very much thickened — in some places to the

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Perkins; Mr. Bedford; Dr. Hughlings Jackson; Dr. Ballard; Mr.

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of lieutenant colonel, having charge of all the medical work of

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attacked with ecthyma, as testified by the eminent Physician

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the post hospital are absent, yet very excellent results may be ob-

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multiple medications CARDIZEM undergoes biotransformation by cytochrome

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of the body temperature, particularly during the cold weather.

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opposite side. The patient appeared a week later with more

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