vomiting, anorexia, great thirst, frequent micturition, and fervent heat
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factors then are present besides deficiency of oxygen. In both diseases
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is no attenuation. These observations show the necessity of examining
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must be addressed, po«(-patd. It is also published in Monthly Parts, each Part containing the weekly
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that is, such as are common to all or, at any rate, to a large number of
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2. Common Salt or Muriated Saline 6. Arsenic Waters.
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confidence and accepted with extra rating for short periods, or under the
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a very unsettled state. Without asserting that all the difficulties may
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malady accompanied by buboes appeared in Astrakhan on the northern
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to the child himself. A very young baby can be trusted to stop sucking
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for in all known instances in which the temperature tends to rise they
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of fever, the liberal use of stimulants was advocated chiefly by English
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largely, and made use of the same treatment in addition to this, which
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easily recognisable organisms, which are not associated with any other
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fluid mass appears red, and if the diazo reaction be present the foam
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so far as their bodies are concerned, as the efforts of the instnicters,
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Milk Diplitheria. — One of the most important discoveries of modern
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fever, pneumococcus meningitis, typhoid fever, and also cholera in the
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pelled to regard as true.> Another series of facts are revealed fo us by
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directed attention to this matter long ago ; but to Pasteur and Tyndall
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necessarily indicative of a severe seizure, but their persistence is apt to
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the natives or emigrants from a scourge that yearly takes off^ in some of
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poisons into (a) intracellular and (&) extracellular poisons. Klein
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series, again, we may sometimes trace out the nature of the decompo-
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large tropical abscesses. In none of these is portal thrombosis present,
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Uses. — • They are used in chronic rheumatism and gout, but hot baths
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and vertex, and not, as a rule, accompanied by delirium. Pains are also
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meningitis, extensive pulmonary disease, heart affection, etc. In rare
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should be sprinkled before sweeping, and the bedstead of every patient
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Suppuration of the lymphatic glands, or around them, is uncommon.
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A healthy-looking man, set. 54, was admitted into Addenbrooke's
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in long chains ; sometimes in the shape of fine small dots, at other times
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hopes of ber being able, after finishing her education, to obtain a liveli-
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excess, but authorities differ as to the amount of fibrin factors and the
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Alpine climates, too, offer advantages, but in the majority of cases the
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others still susceptible, has a protective power ; and Behring conceived
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as a congeries of amoebae, and who appreciates the adaptation of the tis-
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2. Pestis major may be developed out of the milder form. In
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as he also points out, its local effect on tissues essential to life may be
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drained land ; the temperature of drained land is more equable than that
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who showe.l that a simultaneous injection of anthrax bacilli and the
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of life was from one to sixty -four days ; free access of air shortens the
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