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rately or in combination. Where from idiosyncrasy these

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tical employment of hydrotherapy, and hydriatic in-

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not less than the following ; that is to say, for every

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Wales. M.V.O. stands for Member of the Victorian Order, an

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against a pillar. He fell in making the attempt a second time. Drowsiness continues.

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Intense heat prevented the proper number of hours of sleep ; rem-

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he iirst entered the University, in 1811, he had never wit-

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the results of clinical study and anatomical investigation. With this

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gas. The abdomen was also much distended by gas, this having accumulated

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plegia varies in character according to the location and extent of the lesion.

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variety of sugar obtained m the juice of beet-root.

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I the last twenty years is due to two factors: i. Im-

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and any inequality or want of symmetry in the respiratory

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case was then placed under observation and seen from time to

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Hospital. This patient came under my care March 29, 1919. In

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Mrs Selby. — '' Doctoh, de chile dun gone swaller 'r pint ob ink."

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this structure and its appearance in the radiograph are either not

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the bichloride of methylene, Dr. Richardson said that in

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ings, light, etc., on the virulence of germs is well estab-

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traceable iufiuence. The disease can scarcely be considered conta-

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cold from exposure, especially when the body is overheated.

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as I go on ; but I am desirous of cautioning you in the outset

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general, and in that of eczema in particular, are liable to assone one

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two from Buffalo, and one from Albany, have been by

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by the application of strong sulphuric acid, but had speedily

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believed that it was most commonly about two weeks, and William

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herbivora have a relatively small amount of hydrochloric acid in their

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» "A Study of Murmurs in Pulmonar>' Tuberculo«i8," Amer. Jour, Med. 5d,. June,

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plaints, again, 207 have occurred since the beginning of January,

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