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bleeding and lymphorrhagical stomata, with a 3 per cent, solution

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result, but if causing a general peritonitis, almost cer-

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Ulceration of the Eectum. — Ulceration extending above, or entirely

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cnlar branch, were secured. . The forearm was supported across the chest, and

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ties may do as well. The ultimate principle of the two serums are about

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mechanism in the production of the wheal is to be ex-

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May 4. — Further interviews re Mladenovac. Arrangements with architect

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the first and second incisors ; then between the second incisor

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accouchees dans la classe ouvriere." These de Paris,

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tissue^ for the most part overlap. It must be very rare for one form to

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ing factor of estimating the value of any treatment, be it

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paste without the addition of water. It should be made

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The symptoms were as follows. She had often felt a sensation

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has not been large, but I was struck with the resemblance or identity of

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the assistant-physician. Dr. Douglas, rushed forward to his help, Smith

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ferruginous preparations, and by good feeding, all the nervous phenomena cease, and

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recorded fourteen times. Such would have usually two,

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ment" showed that the common duct was patent, and following

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large can become accustomed to such a slow pumping of the

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surgeon has to deal mostly with the gall-bladder alone,

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of tiie eye leading to blindness. The most important

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standard of morality is to be applied to both the sexes ; and when

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All the patients treated felt better following the injection of

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Inhis: Arb. a. d. Gesammtgeb. d. Psychiat. u. Neuropath.,

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disease, or during convalescence ^ Finally, in order to prove how

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exhaustion. It is readily digestible, and has given much satisfaction in my exper-

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mosis of violence it is described as being in a thick and concrete state. In

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the sixth intercostal space one and one-fourth inch

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the circulation of the chilfl. But there was no author-