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from a history of its commencement in a severe attack of
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the tract a' to a, we voluntarily relax the sphincter by an innervation
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cases that specialism has its own peculiar dangers.
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mixture of prepared veal suet and beef marrow. It may be
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sores. Should be applied cautiously. The surface should be merely
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Figs, 3 and 4. — True mocennin. See pit in front of tlie eye in Fig. 4 and oval puinl. Dark-
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in staining the original cultures on account of its
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Sporozoa, and Laveran holds that they are a species of piroplasma,
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sometimes small or very large worms may be seen in the manure
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continued to fulfil its proper functions. This society
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may be employed in cases in whicli, owing to the shortening produced by pre-
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pounds in two weeks' treatment, but discontinued it at that
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in this case was not empirical. The author thought out
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society if we were to consider the apparent absence of all
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second group, with a conjugate diameter from 3 to 3^ inches.
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chronic form of inflammation, hence the chronic discharge.
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with fearful celerity, a fatal termination. After carefully reviewing
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the case with regard to the causation of certain chest
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tion of peroxide of hydrogen and nine ounces of water,
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and cover-glass preparations made from the sediment thus obtained.
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emigrants and lower classes of the Canadians were attacked simultaneously
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removed from the organization by the 23d of March when, on culturing the organiza-
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the nitrous acid, he drew, for the first time, the inference that as
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showed in relation to the case of the " cyclojjs," con-
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Panum's earlier researches were directed to the participation
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nearly suffocated by a dense white smoke, and applied
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This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of medical science and the promotion of the
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products of hydrolysis of the butyrin and similar substances of
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recorded an instance of the solid subocular oedema cured by injections of
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Neurotic or insane inheritance is usually found. The disease more
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*' Let it be your first care, too, to place your patient in a favour-
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Seruk TREATiiENT OF DIPHTHERIA. — There seems to be an almost
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House No. 42, Poplar Street. Calls in the city and country attended to.