carcasses under the Federal meat-lnsi)ectlon regulations. This evidence, kindly
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standard of morality is to be applied to both the sexes ; and when
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cerning the dangers of the use of this metal and its salts in the arts and
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We, the undersigned, physicians and surgeons of Uie State of Wiscon-
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because of the exposure of the Respiratory tract in the animals
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others. The injection of the external venous pile is with-
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tion with water-gilders. In this country, on the contrary, those
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cent, doubtful. At the Academy of Medicine the successful
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occur at the site of the injection — administered hypodermically, if neoeasuT.
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chinina nei malarici. Riv. clin. e terap., N.apoli. 1894, xvi,
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acid fometiines occurs in stomach contents in the ab )ve propor- review
Van den Berg's (1898) observations were made on 16 cases, 12 followed
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above the healthy mean. In one case, where no food was given
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which are more dissimilar than are simple genital ulcers
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vannah le Mar, had used it in the cure of acute dis-
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have all been found effectual during parturition, in increasing the
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the cervix must be dilated, the endometrium scraped
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would have been a surgical preliminary to prostatec-
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tion. When ejected upon linen it has a glistening appearance,
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Appropriate measures must be adopted when the dyspnoea depends upon
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to be entirely arrested, enucleation was not performed, but only an
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times, actual vomiting of mingled phlegm and bilious matters; the fever-
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felt very well otherwise, but complained of weakness from re-
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decline to pay subscriptions to any extent. As long as the
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3° base down. He was also put upon iodi4e of potas-
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tion, in the loss of mental and physical labor, or in
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