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limits of digestion of protein are often more narrow than those for starch

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glass vessel, with sufficient atmospheric air for germination, they did not germinate.

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Echinococcus of the Mediastiniim. — Hare has collected 6 cases of hydatid

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Laryngeal spasm is sometimes produced by irritation as

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adherent pericardium in middle-aged and old subjects. A con-

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ence. On the point in question Bouchut writes this:

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infections. Where more than one parasite is attached to a corpuscle,

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He has pain, it is true, but it is only slight. He may vomit ; but do not

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occur after complete removal of both ovaries. In young animals, after

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XIII. Prussic Acid Tetanus differs from ordinary Tetanus and Strychnine TetaDtt8>

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atory movements, obliteration of the lower border of the liver and splenic

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Fig. 45. — Plague bacillus involution forms produced by growing on 3% salt

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Natrani^ni. is indicated by depression of spirits accompanied with

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