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Among the several diseases of the stomach ulcer takes a prominent
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the putrid mass, or by inserting a piece of caustic potash about the
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h. Insufficient Utilization of Material. — The body fat and the fat-
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waxy degeneration. The connective-tissue elements proliferate; the
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often of much value, as, for example, when, apart from any increase in the
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as to outcome until the urinary and other evidences of the disease are well out
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struction ; and it was dropped, by one professor after
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cavation, which included 8,920 cubic yards of rock and
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the segmented organisms to disappear ; while on the crescentic it had
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There is none in which medicinal treatment has until within recent
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tion ; " and he was particularly assiduous in bringing
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alternate with the eczema, bronchitis, asthma, and other arthritic
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" We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives
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Anatomy, physiology and surgery, professors of, 30.
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{a) simple alkaline waters, such as those of Assmanshausen, Neuen-
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an asthmatic attack, it may be proper to speak of asthma as the ex-
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the sensibility so that the next day the cotton can be worked down
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position is usually inherited, but it may be also acquired. The
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age, after the constitution has been undermined by disease, is not
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This case serves well to show that we may have inflammation of
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cles. That is rather, in my opinion, a phenomenon referable to the
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ever disturbed, it follows that the increase of urinarj^ urates is due
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the disease or during convalescence. In some of the cases of acute nephritis
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there is established an obstinate sore from the surface of which ex-
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tion of, 162, 181 ; practical instruction in, 182, 196 ; stafif
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h. E. Fischer s Phernjlhydrazin Test. — 10 c.c. of urine and 2 drops
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and frequent draughts of water, shows an obstinate tendency to be-
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its congeners, eczema, neuralgia, bronchitis, asthma, lithiasis, etc.,
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disposition. In many instances the appearance of arthritic i)lienom-
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patient and to the drug. Large and frequent doses are necessary —
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education ; and although he only began to carry this
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Sometimes a i:)air of joints little prone to other forms of arthritis,
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of gout follows the same course that has been observed in Europe.
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Francis. — Old New York, or Reminiscences of the past sixty
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grains of salicin. To continue to take fifteen grains every two hours.