ordered to stay in bed for a few days, and to apply a simple evaporating
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Passing now from the microscope itself, what has been
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Plate I. Vessel and false aneurysm in longitudinal section of cerebral
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English ports, closed to Argentine cattle and sheep in April, 1900,
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incising it on its posterior surface for the extraction of the
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nor is it known what phase of the life-cycle of L. donovani is the imme-
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GoDDAKD, Eugene, Esq., to District No. 1 and the Workhouse of the
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prior to that time in Germany. She had suffered induced mis-
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varies in different cases. Most commonly it extends quite to the middle
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matic breathing and emaciation, and with dread of suffocation at night;
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flash, and enlarger which doubles for copy outfit and
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the vein (2), an ordinary uterine tenaculum is quickly
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On August 12, the date on which I last visited Beccles, I learnt that the
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retinitis. New England J. Med. 253:395—398 (Sept.
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amount to nothing. The mental influence of mystical treatment
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little lower down into the sciatic notch. Dislocation
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duct on the part of that person was shown, yet there was nothing to a-elieve
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either every third hour. As the fever advances you may add some
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further bleeding was controlled by the carbolized solution. The posterior drainage-tube
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Administration. — For tonic purposes, strychnine may be
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I wish to outline a recent method of applying electricity, with a report
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and probably brought about by the solution of erythrocytes by an
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the present day." — Med. Times and Gaz., Aug. 30, 1856.
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Cleveland, **A Method of Preventing Thirst after Celiotomy
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scrofulous products on the other, shows that they are both caused by the same
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reactions ; identified with neither sphere, yet resting in their
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stiff'-bristle hairbrush. If the ulcer was inflamed,
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PliysioL, Leipz. u.Wien, 1892-3, vi, 508-512. — Mora (A.)
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taken in 1S41-1S72, and an excellent likeness as a frontis-
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well as shorter turnaround time for ser-um iron determinations.
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(L.) Altre rieerclio sulle propriet,^ patogeno del biieillo
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custards (all slightly sweetened), or fruit (except strawberries and bananas),
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of 51 eases he found that the disease occtirred in both ears in 28 cases,
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If, after the pain is relieved, the pulse continues strong and very
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footlift. Extra working space on gleaming black porcelain top.