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into either the subdural or the subarachnoid space of the spinal cord,
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only during the last ten years that, by the work of Emil
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hurry, and so brought on dyspepsia ; but it would be a
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and, as her bladder began to trouble her again, she consulted one of our
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and it may be said at once that our own findings confirm theirs.
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nereal Diseases in Rush Medical College, Chicago. Seventh and re-
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drop of atropine instilled into the eyes gave instant re-
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innervated by the circumflex, suprascapular, subscapular,
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the next paper, by Dr. W. IT. Robb, of Montgomery County.
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or other vein is opened, the blood trickles from it, black, thick,
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In rare instances the pain may be on the side opposite to the
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being enough to tell the practised eye of desecration. "When pro-
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course to the blood-serum obtained from another epi-
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proliferation and of the consequent epithelial cancers. It
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the ordinary hand bulb attached to the end of the stomach
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tion of the gastric mucous membrane, a more uormal secretion
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Trenches for winter use should be about 2 feet deep. In open weather,
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In reviewing the American literature we were immediately
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reaching from the ulcer at the wrist to the axilia. The
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commonly attributed to chronic inflammation, and thickening,
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unlooked for cures, both as regards time and manner, often
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with dyspnoea, fretting greatly, her husband having deserted her;
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to quietly withdraw. I am one, however, with them in heart, in
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nomena then presented. They were not the rasping sounds of indurated lymph,
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the whole matter rested. The Scotch Bodies, however, did not
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gation, rats and fleas in, 804 ; serum treatment of,
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(that is, in one-fourth,) than any others. The spleen and kidneys were equally
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Buff. — Boil 1 oz. of fustic, 1 dr. of alum, in 4 pints of water.
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Lawson Tait in speaking of “bad luck in surgery’’ always
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indicated in the paper. If it be under government control there will