tion. It is not wise, it is not statesmanlike. Is it
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what they had been going through — Lord, as I sat with
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visible and exaggerated gastric contraction shown a division
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mouth or lips alone, 1 case ; hard palate alone, 1 case.
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sciatic and lumbar ners es, communicating to the crural
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no evidence of interstitial keratitis. The tongue, tonsils,
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a native must first have his baccalaureate diploma.
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means its intensity is diminished. The intensity of the
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mert-lv to invite their attention to this subject, and, if possible, enlist
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ject, published in the Cincinnati Commercial, wo take the following: —
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the life-history of the diplococcus. within and without the body.
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It resulted in the uncovering of two facts — that the conduct of
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ing the past year, amounts to two thousand seven hundred and seventy-
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and grave symptoms. It is most common in the cervical region, and
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suppose the knowledge at present required for matricula-
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Under the name of " local asphyxia," or symmetrical gangrene of the
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Ehrlich has prepared a derivative of atoxyl, called arseno-phenyl-
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Artificial Legs, above described, one of which, (No. 3155,) has
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sung. Beitr. z. Aiigenh., Hanib. u. Leipz., 1895, 18. Hft.,
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hereby offers its tribute of res|)ect to the name of this
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gular column two distinct considerations are encountered —
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great loss of heat, particularly if the animal be at the same
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for seventy two hours ; in the mother, for forty-four hours.
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viz., *'The most serious objection to the scheme suggested by Dr. Roddick is the largeness
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been reached, and it is asserted that the welfare of the race Justifies
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regular and semisolid. Its cut surface is graybh white, and a purulent fluid can be ex-
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by compressing the jugular veins and producing apoplexy.
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The remedy is not to be discontinued after the cessation of the fits.
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ing for congenital absence of the vagina: he made an H -shaped incision
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in the parenchyma of the lungs. These experiments were repeated by
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The Hot Stage. The shivering gradually ceases and the
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extent as when employed for immunising purposes. Welch
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