pain is violent, a full dose of Opium, e.g., 20 to 25

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patients generally came to the conclusion that they

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than any of these workers Koch, in 1883, had recognised

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Our ylp^etites of great ufe to Inform us both in the

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clear why we have so many "cures" that have failed.

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passed since in the enjoyment of perfect healUi by the patient. — Gagette

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not be shown at the meeting as he had during the day an

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manent correction, but assuring her that she is preparing the

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quinine and urea hydrochloride in treatment of, 169

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be affected. After a time, it leads to considerable, and sometimes to

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phuretted hydrogen, when it has proved fatal in a diluted form, can be detected

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to me, cannot be questioned. It is the aim of medical

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ment of cod-liver oil was at first used, but without marked im-

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during the day. The patient continued to improve, and the next day

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pli de passage" respectively, with the occipital lobe.

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foot, because growth has taken place in an abnormal posi-

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etiological relation of these parasites to disease reliance must be

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suffer usually more than the flexors. In the hand the interossei muscles

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The officers of the Association, Dr. W. E. Coltrane, President, and

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of sensation in the mucous membrane : and such dulling of sensil)ility was

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Sennertus, and Morgagni ; Mead, Good, and Chapman ;

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These cases may perhaps show that, in some cases of gout,

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tention against these observations. Israel has had such

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been the result of this case \ Had bleeding been adopted, she

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cases where the results did not materialise they were con-

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In cases where the hemiplegia is not marked and the leg is more

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Liq. ferr. chloridi, gtt. viii. every 3 hours; local application of a satu-

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strained from conducting business until said application has been acted upon

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Lunacy. If we take up the first of these reports, we find

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chief opposing muscles — namely, the biceps and brachialis, anteriorly, the supi-