and with still greater inconsistency he proceeds to quote, from
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her own expression, felt something give way in the abdomen, causing severe
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amination of her chest, nearly two years after a bilateral empyema had
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form brought about by mutual pressure in the case of the cell-
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size of the cystic kidneys is such as to produce an impediment to delivery,
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Graham, the author of the work before us, has long considered this sub-
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phere through the fissures made in the earth's crust ; or
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country as a whole it seems beyond any question. The
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However, the following observation made by Sollmann and Pilcher*^
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as of medicine. Although far from a specific in the disease, it
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stopper, which should be further secured by a cap of
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native children, but to our great astonishment it was nil. Some
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" This manual," says the author, " pretends to be little more than a com-
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Plus tard, le cheval, qui jusque la avait et€ tellement calme qu on
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lies at the foundation of our department of science.
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3. — Kocher reports the cure of 6 cases of epilepsy
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small abscesses. The liver is enlarged, swollen, soft-
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with Boric Acid and water — 25 grains of Boric Acid to the ounce
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bowels, too, which had been constipated for two days before
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The financial stringency of the past few years, combined with the
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The above account applies to those fits, typical in their severity and in
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liver dullness. On percussing in the right mid-axillary line I found a small area of dullness
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to localize it, for in very many so-called functional diseases
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cases there was " rythme coupl6," a condition in which there is