the narcotics have lost their effect, and the pain which she suffers causes her
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Shrewd and observanl as our forefathers were, it was long ere
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liepatic carcinoma. Carcinoma of the omentum is usually secondary. The
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professor claimed that the practitioner in our day must
Adjacent to Baptist Medical Center Telephone (501) 224-1044
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Medicine on Stage in the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas
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time fur the arrest of the diarrhoea, I assented, and made im-
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strenorth. Same treatment, and dressinor continued. All the
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nection with patients, to purify the hands of operators in various surgical
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solvents for uric acid, not only for concretions in the kidneys, but for
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tissue, in the digestive processes. The absorption of the air is in-
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The above case is of interest from its excellent ])roo;i-ess under antiseptic
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making holes in the glass, and struck against a wall on the other side of the
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ally to the cerebral hemispheres, dura mater, hypophysis, '
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It would not be inaccurate to say that, however great may be the
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run North and South, and to mark out three climatic
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1,378 physician practices in New York (including at least
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seem quite uncontrollable, and they may and often do occur in
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curpo; operazione sec. M. Lannelongue; miglioramentci.
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hmy. Manchester (ISK.i), 18^U, v, 28-3;i.— lUarliii (R. S.)
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and in the tissues, and likewise showed an increase in the closely
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inflammation of the lungs and pleura ; even in such cases, reooreryofl^n
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whisky within 10 minutes. As a matter of fact, he drank H
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college possesses fairly spacious buildings, and quite a large quantity
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and tinnitus for years, and showed no organic lesion.
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L. A. Maloxe , M. I)., Jacksonville \ Vice ^ resi(le nts
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been elected “president-elect of the State Medical
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tember 16, the second day of Harry A's illness, Bobby B went to see Harry A
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They have done well for the State, for humanity, for the cause
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tissues was as clearly defined as when one breaks a pine stick across the knee.
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uterus, and is invariably acute. The infection extends by continuity
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