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increase, extension, or repetition of their action, or

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disease of the gastro-intestinal tract where the rest treatment is con-

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extended to suppuration and caries, and to illustrate it by the narration of

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bing they had got from Dr French. Dr Chalmers attended a meet-

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accelerator ganglia ; and they are supposed to be influenced

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useful addition to our thyroid preparations." {Brit. Med. Journ.^

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be of a deep, continuous red color, swollen and hard ; this redness and swelling

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Anderson has shown that the offspring of allergic guinea-pigs present

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have the details of their appearance in some degree

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the presence of proper carbohydrate oxidation) there is a rapid

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ment where the semilunar valves are attached. 7. Concavity of the aortic arch

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est possible facilities for collecting and concentrating

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annoying. There is no desquamation or scaling of the

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Especial attention must be given to the education of those constantly

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patient counted fingers at two feet distance. This sudden

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least fourteen days before the commencement of the Exami-

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alleviation caused by opiates. Meanwhile the swelling of the

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with the late Hugh Owen Thomas in his strenuous advocacy of

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of your older readers. The Transactions of the Maine

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the difficulties of perfecting the process in the larger

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pointed out that a diluted blood at moderate pressure is much

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at variance with this. Forty-six determinations averaged 4.04 ; the highest

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surgeons be said to contain few illustrious names, the cause

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and the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the local hospital,

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to the Royal College of Physicians, 1854 ; also, Madin, Briquet, and

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reprints should be made at the time of forwarding articles.

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to see any formidable evil result from this affection of the nos-

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have had this instrument now for close on a dozen years, and there is

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glass, and as it melts, distribute it evenly over the glass, to an

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from the condition of the lace. A more important question was, whether the