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to convert these resorts into garden schools for our

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eral proces.ses, bearing the same relation to them as

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with 555 illustrations. Cloth, $3.00, net. Lea & Febiger,

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naked eye. Under the microscope the head is seen to have four

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and as the amount of the latter constantly increases in a solution of the

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growths in patients from six months to sixty-eight years. Chapter

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Definition. — It is difiScult, if not impossible, so to define epilepsy as

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trophic centers into abnormal activity. Various facts go to prove

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patients who fail to respond adequately to sulfonylurea

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has always been a 'barrage' of prayer requests. These requests range from


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this had long since been shown by Peaslee and others. Acute

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A Case of Trional Poisoning. — The Gazette hebdomadaire

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is divided about 1 inch below the internal malleolus (see the figure of

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The orthodox first bath was also an ordeal after a long and difficult labor when the

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Dependent directly upon the degree of this invasion and upon the

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As to the question of the use of paraffin wax for the restoration of contour,

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be finished. The water is increased two-thirds in bulk, and