The cases of this nature I have seen — chiefly those of puerperal
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ceptance and success. These bandages have to be cut
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mucus, and an irritable condition of the endometrium follows and becomes
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theory was fully discussed in all its bearings. This re-
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Fairbaim, Henry A. : A logical definition of typbnirf
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mur was detected, but the heart's sounds were quite audible. The strong con-
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In some cases it has the histological structures seen in benign adenoma,
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who is in frequent contact with tuberculous persons, and whose envi-
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healthy individuals; but clinically it represents a rough picture of the
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ll. \i"\r\ i'V. 1 llr mi--iK' l~ 1\ i'lsj it; I jn- j, ,iiii i ,l\ it \ . it llUI-t l\- I'rHI' i\ t\ uml- '
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instances this and other disease germs, or the organ-
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fruit-bearing blossom is bisexual. Hence it is evident that
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and auricles contracted spasmodically, and the ventricle was corrugated, as if portions of the
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mention in an elementary treatise: In Scotland it is known by
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manner are unusual. With reference to Dr. Nordland s
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ination. I found atrophy of the optic nerve; a partially developed eye;
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disease, and is undoubtedly a work of great value and importance,
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ing to press the viscera downward rather than forward.
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to produce emesis. It did so, and relieved the delirium. She was
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conditions, on the other hand, large accumulations of fluid may be
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1894. Rachford, B. K., M.D., 117 Broadway, Cincinnati.
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swamp which is marked on the map. The Post Master's house and
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amount, and sediments of urates occur. The chlorine is some-
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state of the system and a host of the most common and
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where no other explanation is at hand, to account for the excessive
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is not a normal state) inconvenience may arise from the full gratification
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Professor Murphy, of University College, London, Hon. President : —
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and a school-house near it was also destroyed, burying
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it is listed as one of the seven Forsy th hospitals visited by
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but the Minim lamp can in no sense take the place of the arc
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the Board of Censors. Such applications may be acted on at the meeting
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cavity, after which consecutive symptoms should be developed, no matter how
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equally successful in early cancer, this same appeal to
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