enthusiasm with which he defended his cause, and acknowl-

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of the laity than to the profession, and specially mentions

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Dr. Banon, who, as the family physician, saw this lady occasionally

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any operation pei-formcd on the bowel could not be beneficial, but,

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profession may become reduced, they certainly do not

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In croupous pneumonia the dulness is more apt to be located behind and below.

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each of these six pulses the physician must practice weak, moderate,

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conjunction of this fascia with the pectineal aponeurosis;

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Agglutination tests with these organisms have shown that there is

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lowed to drink all the water he desired. Accordingly when the

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as if suffering from Morvan's disease or lepra anssthe-

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matosis. Occasionally pericardial involvement may be the

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Position Paper: Antimicrobial Resistance in Long-Term


Introduction to the Study of Diseases of the Nervous System. 115

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producing toxin thrown off at this time. Other authors have thought that a

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and leaving that attached above this point still adhe-

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fats, are directly oxidized into their end products, car-

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'Fordyce: New York Medical Journal, Sept. 28, 1914.

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thoroughly in sterile Tavel's' solution, after which they

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only reasonable explanation of these cases is that they

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Sometimes a few rapid and feeble pulsations occur at uncertain

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lower and inner third. Not a vestige of the iris remained^ the fundus giviog a bright

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stantiate the diagnosis. Apropos of this patient, it should be a

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ment, which includes avoidance of the exciting cause, the more

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three cases in which there were immediate bad results from the serum

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on the radial side of the thumb ; remove the soft parts cau-

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useful purpose. In ununited fracture with extensive

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haemorrhages in the right retina, while there were only some

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shut, absence of knee-jerk, and distinct impairment of sensation on the legs to