34 cases of acute lobar pneumonia were treated with 10 grains
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but with coma, convulsions and stertorous respiration.
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of ability is far better than an older man of mediocrity. It removes all
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the spasms and destroying the sensibility, for after its applica-
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Sec 4. — The number of acting assistant surgeons ap-
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and struggles for breath were very distressing. He began to
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take manual labour of any kind. Other means of occupa*
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would, from all the objections that can be raised. The question
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tests, steam-sterilized lake water (obtained from the labora-
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subject, the present state of our knowledge does not permit of
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more shut up; the forehead was involved slightly — oedematous,
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so much pain and nausea that he must go to bed and rest The
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Since the Principal took office no fewer than thirteen new
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which will involve brain, nervous system, nutrition, and excretion.
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stetrical subjects in nine Cuban medical periodicals.
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was cause for intense mental worry. These patients are usuaUy affected at tbe
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more than half closed the eye. The abdominal muscles of
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tures, and this fact only showed that the strictures coujd not
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what had lately l)een done and what had been suggested for improving
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intervals the pain passing away entirely. The former is more apt to be
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Gofman: Why I decided to retire earl3/ is a little bit
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It does not produce nervousness like the sulphate of quinine. Try it for nervous
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spinal fluid (which see). Diagnosis has been greatly facilitated by
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a few ounces onl}', and in other cases to a pint or more. The liquid is
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pure culture, along with some pus cells and no albumin.
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ment, which consisted in the application of a heated
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1 heater on the ground floor to the right of the exhibition
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Straining from difficulty of micturition has been men-
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Now, McNeal, Ross, and Patton, hold that they are probably