Dr. Marten, of 629 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, died at his

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stage, and the food is sometimes quickly rejected. Shivers and

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Dr. M. D. Mann narrated one successful and three fatal cases

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of a 2% silver nitrate solution is allowed to fall on the eyeball.

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were made by Dr. W. L. Richardson, of Boston, in a paper read before

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draw. Then comes the question, Shall you be allowed to withdraw? and, if so, under what

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five weeks ; that her father died asthmatic, and that, a short

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about 10-12 doses of nicotine (one “drag” = 1 dose).

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new Executive Committee to elect a Secretary for the ensuing year.

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Welfare in North Carolina is less than three years old while Public

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air again enters the lungs ; the cyanosis disappears, the fever ceases,

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one at the twenty-ninth annual commencement held April 27.

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