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when the limb is affected. The local application of cold, astrin-
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degree of the deformities accompanying tuberculous disease in the
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There are certain rules bearing on the influences to be
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lect, and see to it that his appearance at least is respectable.
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but Dr. Herringham said he had never seen a recovery
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Note. — One week later. The patient whom I showed to
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if I understand it rightly, the consideration of nil Medical
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transferred to water, larvae hatch out in a minute or two and the
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may be convenient to append the treatment as regards the
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tion be referred to a Joint Committee composed of the General
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may be dignified by a separate though brief mention. The symptoms of the
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phylactic measures are of special importance in children with this
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Committee at different times have discussed it and we have also
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any capillary network forming gills, a farther advance is made towards that
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result is anticipated, he directs his patient to go to a regular
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actual bodily debility — from either of these causes, the pressure on the
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