tumor of the breast is operated upon in two stages,

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the abscess either externally or into the alimentary canal.

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the question arises, have we legal power to enforce this recommen-

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decide to what source disorders of the circulation are due.

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state that our purpose had failed; the occurrence of any one of

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were engaged in housework, various indoor occupations,

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that it had never quitted the system, and that only

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larger joints. Beginning in the hand, an extension to the arm does

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of improvements in mechanical processes involving the use of mercaiy,

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till 47, when she began to have irregular hemorrhages.

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strength, and one will be struck by the rapidity with

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■women, a want of husbands, a want of occupation and honour-

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Consulted." Footnotes and cross-references in the text

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duce a susurrus, wliich, being heard at the chest-wall in mul-

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Atrophy of the liver induced by external pressure or by growths in its sub-

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ina has been known to produce temporary defects of vision. In

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A striking but comparatively rare sign is giving way of the legs (Charcot),

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acute intoxication by this drug are due to its surgical em-

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2. Minute solid particles are carried from the peritoneal cavitv

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the appearance of tube- casts, and their diagnostic

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ritic membrane." Third, with a whitish or grayish infiltration of the

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the other hand, rather too dogmatic on the subject of treatment. In

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one straight line, and then measure, we obtain, as it

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Rum, Santa-Cruz.— To 50 gals, pure proof spirits, add

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cases there is need of a special hospital quite as much