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Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. 1919. (16s. net.)
sudafed pe sinus headache ingredients
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indeed developed from ookinetes, it is difficult to understand
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ushered into a small apartment provided with glass doors,
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fessional skill and length of service, this Court unanimously
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caseous and calcareous change of the interior of the tumours.
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mind or not,' — it being a rule of law that no insane person can be called on
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brain in his hand and enthrall senior staff members (at the hospital).”
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exercise, and not rest. — Boston Med. d; Surg. Jour.
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dandriff. Washing, alkalies, lime water, borax, etc., have some efficacy
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effects on the pharynx of swallowing small and frequent doses of mild
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" Rheumatic Inflammation of the Heart," of the " Treat-
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purulent diathesis, etc. ; cachexia ; fevers, subdivided into eruptive,
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noma and sarcoma can always be differentiated in microscopic
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I. Stenosis of the Os Uteri. — This in many instances lias
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which is shown by their name and chemical formula, are obtained
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Dr. a. B. Norton and Dr. Geo. A. Shepard have removed to No. 16 West
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affection of the brain ; and some special forms of lame-
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