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5 . SchroederJS Calcium and beta blockers in ischemic
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results as follows : The cornea appears in all the parts exam-
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haemorrhage from the vessels of the lungs, the blood presenting
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Medical College, New York Infirmary; Chief of Clinic and Instructor in
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of the circulation. The last indication is especially urgent in infants, the
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fifteen patients, but found Cuboni' s bacterium in the stools of
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. The Eiffel Tower as a Mother's Hark.— The Paris cor-
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Experiment 4. — A case of splenomyelogenous leukaemia (Butcher) which was
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out of the United States, the Secretary of the Treasury
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his treatment may be pursued except in cases in which it is con-
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kindly and generous help in scientific work and suggestion given
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the patients than it is possible for any other person officially connected with
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service. Mrs. Johnston has been in the service of the Scottish
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duced to that state for the gratification of the lovers
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Thb title of this little volume may well arrest attention.
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for tubercle bacilli. One case was recognized because of profuse
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the haematococci in the red blood corpuscles, haemoglobinuria, swelling
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fits are provided “free of any cost to the patient.”
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important is fresh air. The quality of the fresh air in our
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The prevailing sentiment of the present day is that the several
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