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sphincters. There was no stupor; the child was very intelligent.

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right shoulder. We have noted cases of gastric disorder

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in those cases where infiltration is limited to the lymphatics, unless

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Fig. 419. Facial palsy of left side: 7, Effect of faradism on sound side; 8, non-effect of same current

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at this quantity for ten days at least, when, every-

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have always given myself to them when mine is fresh."

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with tea, coflfee, or cocoa. (2) Soups, — ^beef, chicken, tomato, potatp,

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usually due to further exposure, but Bernhard especially has dwelt upon

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Dr. E. S. Bulluck, Wilmington: It appears to me that these gen-

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The fact that the projections of the arterial openings and of the

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case in death from hydrocyanic acid." I had certainly understood

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another contraindication. A majority of the purely nervous

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There were prolonged discussions of very excellent papers in the Section on

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1891, xviii, 690-700. . lies indications de la laparoto-

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severe icterus set in, and the patient fell in a semi-coma-

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strength, and have continued woU until some fresh exposure has brought

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persed over different parts of the body, on the top of

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unquestionably related to the deterioration — also familiar to