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dyeth, and the child is ripped out of her body alive, yet shall he not be tenant
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the highest recognition among his neighbors, among those who know him
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the dulness (a contrast to hydrothorax) . The fluid is not collected in
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from the French by Mrs. K. L. Devonshire, in two volumes.
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that the evidence that hypermetropia is a fundamental cause of chorea
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seen after the wound has healed should not have the scar excised; this,
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medical help. Second, fewer and fewer new physicians are
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J. A. Davis of New Jasper and Miss Jennie Smith, also of
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made to eschew the more meditative habits that would
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reaction was alkaline, the dissolved bismuth was to be found
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depend upon such contrivances for mechanical support as domestic in-
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While holding the foot at right angles with the leg, and the board firmly
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was active either in 1914 or 1915, or both years, and these exposed
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prove fatal are, acute laryngitis, oedema glottidis, pneumonitis, and an
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His previous medical history was decidedly negative, never having had any
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of age, entered a plea of guilty in the District Court of
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The clinical and experimental observations, apart from the
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"3. In cas(>s in wliich cither minute portions of thrombi are taken up from
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the epizootic form does not possess the firmness, plasticity, and
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distinct forms, to wit, the local and constitutional disease; and
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mal, and then removed the spleen. We have found it inadvisable to force
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from garnet-red to reddish-brown ; without odor, and having
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his head, (he could not stand on feet) and becoming crazy for a
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clinic for syphilis with an eruption on the body of
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ferrous sulphate U.S.PX. 5 gr. and yeast concentrate .75 gr.,
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the growth of osseous tissue is natiu-ally most active ; and Avhat is interesting
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matology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, Pathol-
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The chance of finding exact truth is, we may admit,
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diate action ; absolute rest secured if necessary by
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accompanied the protoplasmic pTwesscs. the protoplasm extending along th<-
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scarcely distinguishable. At a later period the portions of tissue first
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with dyspnoea, fretting greatly, her husband having deserted her;
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of treatment which is attended with favorable results. It consists of the