has not its disadvantages. The operator in his zeal as a pathologist
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difficult to teach just now because that type of figure seems to
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to arg^e that if I believe this I ought to treat my small-pox
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of pain, which were most marked at night. The fever seldom, if ever entirely intermitted,
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The disease is commoner before middle life. It is specially
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the sensitiveness of which as a test for albumen has
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were so dry, indicating no eye irritation whatever, that
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sculled over to Lido, the Coney Isle of Venice. Here
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of slow and gradual development of croupy symptoms,
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the so-called malignant growths, and indicates the possibility
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of a decimetrical i-ule, graduated to millimetres, termi-
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correct by a case of poisoning by phosphorus which occurred in the clinique of
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oil, iodide of iron, and the hypophosphites are indicated. In Bright's
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Manchu-li. Intermediate towns on this line — -Hulun (twenty cases),
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occlusion of the respiratory tube, oedema of the lung, pulmonary
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S/ 2 Massive Surgical Air Embolism Treated with Brief Recompression
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if some one had said that tliere was green cheese in tlie moon, and
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get the best price for his steers in competition with those from the
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located in the tendo achillis or its sheath. The exceptions noted
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Paget and Mr. Charles JSIoore (the excellent microscopic part by
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stupor. Miu-chison and others think that the plague of Athens, recorded by
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adulterated articles is £20, with costs, and after a second offence
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The various operative p ocedurcs I propose to consider in detail.
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Medicines are introduced into the system in several ways, the
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few days after the operation, to avoid leaving any tags, a
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Present Symptoms. — The respiration is distinctly but not loudly
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ferred to the few whose positions bring them in inti-
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In the morning I removed the catheter, lest it might become obstructed,
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examination and found the os externum very rigid, with
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other muscles to galvanic stimulation. He found that he