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not to be necessary to observe that intercourse during pregnancy
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Travel is beneficial in many ways. It enables one to mingle with
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Another class excite the secretions by stimulating the action of the
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It moves up and down in the act of swallowing. Its upper extrem-
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It is hardly necessary to utter the warning not to confine the
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latter we have in the bowel lesion of typhoid fever, and in the sore
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If neither a strict dietetic regimen nor a course of mineral waters is
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development is more probably dependent upon nervous influences
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the remarkable similarity in the composition of the urine in both
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by dashing cold water on the face or making the patient walk to and
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Has now pain and stiffness of knees, ankles, and wrists ; the last are
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the terminal nerves of this organ, and familiarly known as stomach
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These, of greater or less severity, are among the commonest and most con-
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During its continuance there is often laid the foundation of future
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ties making it popular in coughs. Quinine enjoys the distinction of
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tension in the rear, flanked by three parallel pavil-
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experience the pain caused by taking nourishment. The tongue is
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to artificial feeding? Instead of the healthy and abundant supply
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foreign body in the bladder its removal should be accomplished.
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her pains, which were severe in both arms and legs. On the 16th
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of a gouty woman, is liable to be attended with unusual difficulties,
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the disease without causing inflammation of these textures, so it
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is more like that of remittent and intermittent, than that of the con-
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the urine varies inversely as the acidity of that liquid — urinary
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matism were cases of what we would now call hyperpyrexia.
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consultations, that the patient should be allowed to give expression to
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the special tendency of the joints of the fingers to be attacked ; the
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As time advanced and facts accumulated it became evident that
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crohn's disease and sickle and azulfidine
wliieli fontribnte largely to the sufferings of bleeders. These changes
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to the production of a debilitated and inferior progeny. The young
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penetration of the heart muscle, jiressure, atrophy, and partial fatty
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reserve fat and takes in more oxygen into the lungs.
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It is not ])0ssil)le to give an exhaustive presentation of the therapy
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to scrofula, others to gout or rheumatism, to epilepsy, to cancer
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