mined to visit the city in order to study the disease and qualify
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letins, no annual report being issued by the Department
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than a concealed one. Epidemic prevalence of yellow
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referable to three categories: — (1.) Conditions which may intro-
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resected without separating it from the iiterus, which was
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or complains of a bad taste in the mouth, repeat the calomel.
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uterus and the menstrual Function, believing that the ovary
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which these were practised into (1) the acute infections ;
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cases were of the male sex. There is nothing pathogno-
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(1) There is a reduction in the number of hypoxic cells through cell killing and
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2. Gilbert J: Absence of coronary thrombosis in Navajo Indians. Calif Med
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rounding parts, but sometimes a cancerous kidney is movable. In nearly all
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move. Should there be intra- as well as extra-uterine pregnancy, the
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tional Association as follows : Program (programme), tho
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all that was attempted for their benefit during the engagement,
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undertaken by the State Medical Society’s Committee on Cancer.
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Essay contests, Section on Medical History, 151, Section
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Between scarlet fever so mild that it terminates in four or five days,
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little cough, and that it had lain practically in one position for ten days.
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in the course of two or three years— as a portion
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ological condition as a rule, as most of the feeble-
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would be represented by an acorn, the second by an orange,
and he found it necessary to relinquish his duties. Since that time he
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ner aid until the time for help had passed, so that in the end his profes-
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tation, with treatment in detail. The treatment is especially well
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2,500 pupils enrolled. The growth in school attendance is most marked
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Description. — Short, thin, sub-quadrangular branchlets^
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narrow, 3-in. bla<les held the mucous flaps aside during the removal of
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mediastinum was done by connecting the catheter either
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wrist of the left hand were, however, swollen and painful.