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pulling when it may rotate at the outlet. Such treatment tends

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As to typhoid fever, both poisons could undoubtedly

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a few days of the end, but at the last usually fails completely. Curiously

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a local inflammation. On injecting the toxin there appears on the place

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Place School of Medicine in 1830 — the first anatomi-

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the fluoroscope. In the case Dr. Dabney mentioned we could see the

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cranial, fourth thoracic, and second lumbar was deter-

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a speedy termination of the case, artificial means to promote de-

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II II Preferably with saccharin. See " Brit. Med. Jour.," Oct. 15, 1887.

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7. Castor oil, lavender water, and tincture of cantharides, in

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the pathology by saying that "the essential cilli, even when they cannot be demonstra-

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Insufficiency of food may act indirectly by lessening the

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instance, inflammation of the lungs ; and probably several

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trol under capable men who took good care of this newer work.

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joint, thus, as it were, locking it while the limb bears the

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choma-Dr. Taliaferro Clark, Invited ^uUs-Dr. W. P. Carr, Washington, D. C.

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The Treasurer suggested that instead of making an annual assessment

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be capable of, so tospeak, converting the former into a species of ozone.

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long periods of time . and this fact as well One end of each of these is now threaded

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Treatment. — If possible the condition should be prevented from becom-

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all animals, causing extensive hemorrhagic edema without the produc-

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1889. Walcott, Henry P., M.D., 11 Waterhouse St., Cambridge,

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advances in civilization, the children are born with greater

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ease, a catastrophe which seems attril)utable to there having been