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despite long-cuutluued and vigorous B6ntgen ray treatments (50 in
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Difficulty of breathing, when not accompanied by certain
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organ regularly present, and probably in an active functional condition
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small proportion of cases of tonsillar enlargements could be considered
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good advice in the form of a work of reference, but
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2. That the microorganism shall not be present under normal con-
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alteration of the mediastinal circulation, and the effects of the
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conflicts, challenges and opportunities! South Dakotans
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Board members Robert Sawyer, MD, Boots (Mrs. H. R.) Sajford, Gatewood Milligan, MD. W.D. Bryan, MD. H . R.
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to diplococci, as is the meningitis developed at the height of a pneu-
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marked by degenerative and inflammatory changes above all in
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Winiwarter, Fischer, Kocher, and Partsch. Of the 866
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irresponsible one. It is to be hoped that at the next legislative session it will
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3ss. ol. ricini, to be repeated if it did not produce effectual catharsis ;
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she has not been able to neglect, but I am convinced
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tion 8759 ; salary £35 per annum. Also the Workhouse ; salary £25 per
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have attributed to it a special curative influence, and have advocated its
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no doubt, however, that cases of croupous pneumonia in children
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to the putting away of bodies in the vaults under the
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and particularly of England, is doubtless similar to the dis-
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of the means. Where such absolute lest is not deemed advisable, much
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Within the cyst a high-intensity 2- to 4-mm mural nodule
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of a 2% silver nitrate solution is allowed to fall on the eyeball.
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able that this prophecy will remain unfulfilled ; on the
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Transactions. Thus, it is shown that the theory of respirato-