persisted from twelve to thirty six hours. The temper-
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to the prevention or the cure of phthisis ; if so, where are
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possible for intellectual and professional improvement, to all of which the
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stools is impracticable in the majority of cases, the
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e.g. pulmonary congestion dependent on mitral disease, more particularly
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selves in any special branch of our art, nor is French now the
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and pathies of the past — and we hail it as a hopeful omen of our friends
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may become entirely bald. The finger nails may become loosened
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monly when there is aneurism of the innominata, when the weaker
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2. HIPS.— VHips FIRM. (At hips firm, the hands are placed on the hips
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thought, in which more water than it could hold would
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of astringents. Every one who knows the history of my
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reported in dogs, swine, horses, cats, cattle, mice, and
pelvic pain, and promote rapid absorption of both parametric and peri-
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18. Rice-Flour Soup— Ingredients— A little cold broth, 8 oz. of fine
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of the kidney. In such a case it is not very formidable.
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or one would be tempted to have it done. The druggist
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Visiting Surgeon to Lomsmlle City Hospital and Kentucky
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of acute Bright's disease, the ordinary phenomena of acute nephritis
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satisfying. Like Akenside, he was touchy on the subject of his
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attempt to construct the words with letters such as are used in the ordinary game of
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the veins, might be carried by the blood into various parts of the
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not always, nor long, been so. As we look backward some extraordinary
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thaf the work of digestion and assimilation in the case of a material
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the body. A mass of tissue arises behind the rectum, at
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apparatus, however, is not in every one's hands, and thorough excision still
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Rev., St. Louis, 1896, xxxiii, 37-39. [Discussion], 45-49.—
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The further progress of the disease varies in different cases. Generally
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stomach ceases after perforation, and this may promote
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60 beats per minute, to 80 to 100. The blood pressure while in bed during
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Case I. — B. G., aged thirty-five, 10-para. Was delivered at full
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college possesses fairly spacious buildings, and quite a large quantity
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deaths to the whole number, and the various causes of death,
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Dr. Scott reported that the results of the operation had not