always excited pains and a desire to micturate. On the day
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duct on the part of that person was shown, yet there was nothing to a-elieve
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clause. If dyspepsia were a disorder tending to shorten life within this ex-
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Dr. Thorburn — Such a man has been appointed by our public prosecutor.
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descending limb and then to the right across its ventral aspect,
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It consists of a sharp spoon, fenestrated, a quarter of an inch long
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the conclusions that the tubercles artificially induced were
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a remedy in nervous, chlorotic, and strumous affections. In
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microphones to create the appearance of general support for
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gitis, some of them have to be considered in the early stage.
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Diseases of tJie Stomach : A Manual for Practitioners and
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those personally engaged in the venture — had great difficulty in getting
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rash disappears on pressure, but it immediately reappears when the
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The nasal sounds (as in Sunday^ Monday) require that the
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the instrument when in use. Young, in 1902, modified the above by
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a powerful syringe, and apply it to the orifice of a drainage-tube with the pur-
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eruption which commenced spreading upwards ; that about the
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i)0° F. ; put the patient on one side of the bed : place
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the farms of Choquisongo and Sauiumas, which supplied the local
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At the recent meeting of the American Medical Association,
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than those of long standing. Consumptives with atonic dys-
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an artificial depository for excrement. The whole argu-
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logy ; for, no matter what the affection may be, its
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acid generated in the organism, and re-establishes the balance
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ferred to, therefore, of complications with chronic
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follicles, until it is finally separated and cast out ; and if the
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