curred, obstructing deglutition and respiration and affect-
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and pulley presses these surfaces together again, aggravating the inflammation
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physician. The patient was suffering from diphtheria.
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allowed to escape, the constitutional treatment being, at the same time,
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that the patients were peculiarly comfortable'' under its
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destroy the poison of the disease without endanger-
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excellent result consisted of a plaster dressing and pressure
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autopsy revealed no explanation of the sudden death. In a fatal case
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the chest, so that it should only be employed when a
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exceptions) and fat are not absorbed. Peptones, soluble
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all flat-footed, as they had little or no arch, and civ-
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end is near. I must intrust to you what I wished to have
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of. since neither the right nipple nor the location of the dia-
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arities which Saccharomyces cerevisice, and few chro-
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as atropine, strychnine, and alcohol, together with external
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an orchaid near the city. For the last nine months his health had been
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gave rise to a report that the epidemic was one of scarlet
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congestion of the brain (ci)ilcpsy included) there is no evidence of such
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cave edge, cutting to the point, which is very narrow; and to pro-
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so essentially interwoven with the ordinary calls on
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Stegomyia may turn out to be effective intermediaries
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circmnstances. Nevertheless, we recommend especiall}^ Blaud's pills
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physicians rely chiefly upon antispasmodics — belladonna, bromides, asafetida, etc. — but
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Dr. Douglas, before introducing his successor in the
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the opsonins of normal and immune sera are identical, notwith-
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in 1847, and settled in Buffalo in 1855. He was for
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is an operation requiring greater skill for its success-
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The want of proper facilities and endowment among American
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case of enormously distended stomach in a hysteric subject
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ture or sharp pains rarely precede the loss of sensations. When the
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is probably due to the marked anemia that is so often seen. Gleet and leukor-
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as it is only by adopting the point of view of the tumour, or at
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being an excellent vehicle for introduction of the drug by rubbing in.
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to nervous dyspepsia, flatulence, constipation, colicky pains,
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ring, and in which amphoric breathing and metallic tinkling arc audi-
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Ghishan FK: The transport of electrolytes in the gut and the use of oral rehydra-
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analyzed at the municipal laboratory of Paris. They were
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out again ; and that I think is one cause of the failure
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systems. It is a period which should be characterized by
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left side, a hard mass was felt, about three inches in its longest
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4. During labour, the child, if living, must be delivered alive
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This study was supported in part by NIH (HL-33026) and the
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the community. The physician made but one condition :