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terest and a desire on their part to join in the fight to lower mortality

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nign tumors he finds contain no glycogen in their cells.

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1890, Berl., 1891, v, 15. Abth., 08-7.">, 1 map. Also, transl.

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disease. We did not feel that chemotherapy offers treatment

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attacked, the disease is usually of a very mild type.

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Physicians in Ireland has, ivithin the present week, on the

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common law, naming the States adopting each. Under the

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the blood stream. The method showed that strophanthin must be

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1851. Had always enjoyed good health until three months ago, when he was attacked

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the pulmonary artery. After the tuberculous cavities have healed, calcareout

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E. W., aged 8i years, is the eldest child. Then followed a mis-

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that some measure of segregation should be adopted. We need only

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Placed 60 c.c. of blood serum in a dialyzer with 60 c.c. distilled water. Next

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effects of the former are spent upon the nervous, the primary

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purging is to be avoided ; and the action of the kidneys is to be

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The diagnosis was established by biopsy in each case

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limited to increased growth of gland tissue and re-

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Instead of this, the correct way, as I have intimated, is in the first place

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pericarditis, and pleurisy, and, after weeks in bed,

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rations can be tolerated for a short time, but the poison is cumulative

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Herman E. Hilleboe, Albany, State Health Commissioner for New York (with bow

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of the circulation. The last indication is especially urgent in infants, the

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influence in causing disease of other organs as well as of the kid-

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the arterioles to prevent over-distension by the increased pressure would be

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