it began to be apparent thai he was improving. He for the-
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efiectually to deal with, a full-sized mattress at least ; yet the
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track followed by the foreign body, which had passed through
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The mode in which lead is eliminated from the human;
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that uneasiness in future if affairs go on in that service as they have
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has shown, and from analogy with tlie almost exactly parallel
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him. I could detect no physical signs in his chest. He returned to his
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enteric fever, and small-pox are concerned, these (Seasonal
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tied down to one side ; and the surface that is uppermost, and'
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Banb'iry TeUpraph of March 2.1; d. sued by Dr. Innes Griflin for £7 7s.
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the diseased tonsil, together with secondary glandular
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and he slept for «*«veral IrwucJ. The pulse was of better
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naaking a slight modification of the standard-colour solution,
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provisional expression of opinion only pending the report of
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than counterbalanced by the resemblances. The most strik-
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br^aithe. I had a consultation with two ueighbouriag pcipV.
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be tapped. Another condition was discovered by me early in
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In view of the ever-increasing competition for life assurance
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the Leeds Infirmary) the following report of the death under
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given on many points of detail in regard to public health
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The Local Government Board have, after full consideration
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suture. Urine escaped in gradually diminishing quantity
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giving it altogether. A correspondence had ensued, and in
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Many readers, it may be assumed, are not yet aware that
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and despite the anxiety which the medical officers of schools
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Burdon Sanderson thus accounts for the slower pulse rate,
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population, against 21.1 in each of the preceding two years 1.890-91. With
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as Medical Officer of Health. :Applications to Mr. Richai-d Greene,
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perhaps than any in Germany — can be tolerated in a country
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fessor M. Roth, has lately been published under the title of
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pares from the bouillon plate cultivations on agar-agar, and
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Practical and operative surgery will be resumed in the early