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Carolina. Elizabeth B. Muncey, M.D., Cold Spring Harbor, Long
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was somewhat concealed by the overhang of the eyebrows. The
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Adler {Cenfralhl. f. d. Grenzgeh. d. Med. u. CJiir., Jena, 1903,
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the same paroxysmal character was exhibited in an equally cha-
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covered. We have quoted this last case as illustrative of Mr. Wells'
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unusual rarity, and may be the product of many pathological
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If the warm bath do not agree, or fail to produce diaphoresis,
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of time, and possibly also in that of causation, vary-
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the sciences to which it has been useful is that nearly the whole of the pro-
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traineeships for hospital-based physicians. At the present time, four trainees
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body of the second dorsal was entirely destroyed and
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the reception, care or treatment of persons suffering from con-
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a result of sinus suppuration, but of an operation to relieve the chronic
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a pale, bloodless appearance, both upon the exterior and interior. Careful colored drawings
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undertaken within a few days after effusion, nor unless the symptoms
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her schoolfellows in her studies. I have unfortunately no notes of her
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the stomach, in the larynx," windpipe, and gullet. In the air-passages it was
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patella. Gypsum splint fourth day. Discharged six weeks
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the first 10 days. The remainder is eliminated at a daily rate of less than one per Solution for Drinking
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young people go out without parents, and all under much the same
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From this it will be seen that about 28 per cent, of
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cases, at an angle between 100° and 170°; and in 4
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iournaux. [Ahstr.] Bull. Sue. de mod. de Gaud. 1896,
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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.
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this point — not because it is an unimportant one, but because
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bulk of the tuiiioiir, of wliirli, indeed, it seemed to li.'ivc formed
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•exceedingly frequent but this frequency is still more increased by the cir-
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a certain excitement of the patient, and he commonly finds himself
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progressive emaciation, the disease may prove fatai^ aft:er a number of
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Allopathy is indebted to its despised antagonist for many of
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